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FAQ & Tutorials

Quickstart Demonstration

How to Use

Safety feature and fast brew

For safety reasons, you must click the MAKE button to activate the brew with alarm feature - the cup icon will appear once clicked.

To make a brew immediately, hold the MAKE button for 3 seconds (you will hear a beep) and it will start brewing. Press the MAKE button again to manually stop the brewing process.

WARNING: Only activate the brew when there is water in the boiling vessel. Otherwise the Barisieur will get damaged and very hot.

Set Brew Time

Press and Hold the Alarm Dial:

Release at the 1st beep (2 seconds) to set the alarm time.
Release at the 2nd beep (4 seconds) to set the time.

Tips and Tricks

The Barisieur has many additional features to personalise your experience. See below on how to activate or deactivate them

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