The Barisieur is in ANOTHER Marvel Movie...

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Barisieur

We have so many questions...Who would have thought Captain Marvel likes having coffee before putting on her suit?

Did word spread through the superhero grapevine and did Dr Strange recommend our coffee maker to Captain Marvel?

Also, are you excited as us to see The Barisieur featured in the MCU for a SECOND TIME?


captain marvel barisieur


We were delighted to see The Barisieur featured on Marvel Studios’ The Marvels trailer and even more happy to see The Barisieur is cat friendly.

We see a glimpse of Captain Marvel’s upcoming trial for which she must partner with her best friend’s daughter Monica Rambeau ( who get her powers on Wanda Vision by crossing the hex barrier)  and Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan (who inherited her abilities through a family heirloom as can be seen on the series Ms Marvel). We’re excited to see the trio team up and take down evil - while brewing our delicious coffee on the spaceship.

When can you see The Barisieur in Marvel Studios’ The Marvels?

The upcoming film will be released on 10th November 2023. We can’t wait to see our product on the big screen and until then we’ll be brewing and sipping coffee to pass the time.

Don’t forget to tag @joyresolve when you see Chewie operating The Barisieur!


Check the trailer out below!

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